terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008


To day
A new way
Nothing else
To say

Eleven hours of sleep
Thoughts run deep
But action is still asleep


Violet flowers
In my heart
And each one of them
A neo start


Dark corners vanished
And no one was to blame
My reputation tarnished
But, no, it was no game

You would feel the same
Regret, remorse, remording
You would lose your name
Beset, in course your damning
As Sin.


Existence, they say
Is a long hard way
My words, though, gainsay
Happiness does exist
Even in dismay

To relish in darkness
Is not my mark
But I did build in starkness
An old old Ark.


Along the road they go
Stubbornly and dreamily I watch
Hoow beautiful... but no!
Darn 'em! they've stolen my watch!


Gaily on his way
To the end of his life
'Cause it's a merry one
Nothing's left undone.

And here he comes....

Um comentário:

Jefferson disse...

Today is already yester-day, not easter day, unfortunately, gone away.

And who's who? Who's he? Watch out!