segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2009


A barge floating on and on
An endless stream
Perchance a dream

Some sychamores passing by
The azure, cloudless sky
Sights of passing days of yore
The glory of a life that's full

In a majestic past
No head downcast
Men and women on the shore
Bathing in the body of knowledge
Maidens' hearts forbidden to be sore

Humankind felt it needed more
Plus to know
For them to grow...
The focus on the soul

A civilization we don't possess
As we seem to continuously digress
Under nutheads in power - psycopaths
And individuals licking their feet

Kowtowing to Armageddon
And the End of it All
Purchasing their American Dream
In a neaty cosy Mall
All the while feeling
Shrunken small

To hell with powwows!

Can't you feel it inside?
Can't help but wonder,
Why am I such a good sheep?
Every waking hour spent asleep.

Nay, not a nice game to play
Anyway, I've got my fair share -
Trying to fix up the world
While forgetting 'bout me self
Thrown up, useless words
Dusty book on the shelf...

Gilead? Where is it, tell me.
Lenore? My maiden braids?
Raven, raven...
What am I supposed to think?

That I'm flying up to heaven?
Meeting Santa Claus along the way...
Paying all my sins for the brief, wondrous display?

I'd rather drop my soul at the sea -
Where no one would have to see
It sinking further and further
A sailor to find it some way:
"Hey, comrades, call it a day!"
I've found it! Gilead's Bay!

Just a place, 'n an instance, to remember
The last living Human ember:

That's why we grope in the dark:
For so-called answers.
We'll not give it up,
No matter what they say
We'll not sink, we won't faint
We will never sway.

A crystalline moment it'll be
The one human eyes are meant to see
And take part, if they take heed
After changing themselves
After casting the seed

With its room to grow
Oh! Chase the soul...

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