domingo, 22 de março de 2009

Caged Fasting

You are a brute!
That's my way, darling...
You despise me!
Just as you love me...

Can't you see?
Oh, I can...
Tell me you love me
You tell me first...

You are a blind man!
Just about to burst...
A nutcase, downright fool!
Irremediably in love with you...

Will you please let me go?
I'm not holding you, dear...
Can't you accept a single "no"?!
You're the one coming near...

(falls on his arms, murmuring:)
Oh, you're crazy, but I love you all the same
(he retorts, uncanny eyes 'n voice:)
Beware, sweetheart, falling prey for love's game
(she responds, upstarted:)
Which, do you say, is Love's true Name?
(his terse, curt answer:)
The Mask
The Task
No one attains
The Unerring Arrow
The Uncertain Aim
(But I love you, just the same.)

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