domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009

Wayward Road to Gaza

His grief-stricken face
Now... it seems so misplaced
But right then... it was raucous
And that heartfelt expression
Of His... I embraced

The terror, the horror
The Evil things we watched
[Behold the panic and fear]
As the sky broke asunder
The Thunder...
And the sea waves crashing
On our souls

Out we belted
"Mercy on us!"
But we couldn't
We just couldn't...
Stop the bus.

[oh, no, not again...
Don't ever come with your phraseology:
"No pain no gain"...
You just can't feel their pain
You are they who maim.

On the element named pain
You'll never set any possible real claim
'Cause you nurture for other people's lives
An inner psychological disdain

You'll never burden your conscience
With what you've done to block their plans
They made and heartly wished to attain

You wanna stop the war?
You should see how...
How psycophatically you laugh

Inhuman kindred.]

The jackboot is coming down that road...
And here he comes.
To despise humanity and all its values
To ruin our hopes
To scatter our children
And bomb our homes.

Here he comes
To no avail will you beseech him
Unless you stick together
And harbour your neighbous
Through the coming
Apocalyptic weather

Can you do it?
Sick men will prevent by law
What your heart begs desperately of you
They will claim you never saw
[Behind-the-scenes MIB you couldn't ever sue.]

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André disse...

Dá quase pra sentir essa dor passada que nunca passou.