segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2009

Seven Choices, Nine Crimes

(Against rule and contradiction, in favour of... Humanity)

Can't you see their need for affection,
As you mindlessly judge them?
That what they would say is:
'Hold my hand
I'll do no harm
I'll ammend
And even charm
Sou up I'll stand
To better choose
My life's Path...'

Can't you see what they mean?
Or, perhaps you mean ill of their means to mean what they mean?
You wanna die a hog, that's your choice
Mine, is Sophie's.
The hardest one, for the good-hearted
Is the natural set of things,
In course for destiny,
No sin, no blasphemy.

Just their way
To rightly

So nigh
And endlessly far
That's who the heck we are.

(Le chef d'oeuvre, Magritte)

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