segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008


I'm falling
I feel I'm falling
In seven minutes
I won't be the same
In seven minutes
Begins a new game
And it'll never again
Be the same (old game)

On me? On you?
On whom?
Perhaps none will answer
It until noon. Or at least
Not very soon.

Darkness has gone out
The window frame
Back came the light
Reflected, brightly insane
My thoughts ran after you
Day and night the desolation
Pulls me apart
Back to the start
Nobody has been
Given a heart
I nod, I think, I sink
Into my very being
I feel alone

And, God, how grateful am I.

2 comentários:

Renato disse...

not very soon...

but don't be late
for the man is quickly closing the gate

Fernando Pimenta disse...

ouch... even then, should I hurry to find myself there before it's closed? My own pace will never set me in disgrace... or will it?

I hope not. And keep on hoping... ('cause hope is man's last resource)