quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2008


'I can't make you love me...
To be or not to be,
Is entirely up to you.
To Be,
You MUst love ME.

Mu... mmy.'

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Jefferson disse...

Mommy!! Lol!!!

Heartaches and headaches don't go well with George Michael's songs, do they?

Guess old, fou John Keats threads his way far better in that pain filled jungle:

"As when with ravished, aching vassal eyes,
Lost in soft amaze,
I gaze, I gaze"

Fernando Pimenta disse...

So you discovered, wretch'd! =D

George Michael was the inspiration, but I diluted this obvious influence on the creative process by adding a last line which says it all: mu...mmy - which stands to both 'mom' and the '(egyptian etc) mommy', that is, respectively, both the one who brought you to this Earth of ours and the dead embalmed corpse of somebody who lived long ago also upon this planet.

Both are intrinsically connected to this world, and the poem is somewhat critical upon the kind of love which binds us unmercifully to this plane - and keeps our heads from thinking adroitly...

As mine is running now.