terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

Lest the light depart

When even breathing is hard
And life hangs threateningly
As if it was really nothing
The time has come to awaken

Have a cold cold water
Mellowing down the
Facial frigidity
High time to face reality.

Better die facing it front
Than haphazardly avoiding
Its gaze
Better have a try at solving
Life's jigsaw puzzle
Than bein'
Mercilessly enwrapped in
Its maze...

Time to pay the bills
Time to pray open-heartedly
Like you never did before
New things which did only come by chance
Will now occur with a single glance
Of yours...

No 'befores', no 'therefores'
Your life will change
Amble bays 'n ample shores
In it
You'll swim
You'll sway
But never never never
Give up a single day,

Many things not "OK"
Will be
No more
Must only say:
'No more of it to-day'.
'This is the last day of my life.'

'At least in this final moment,
Yes, I'll be the master of my very destiny'
'Be it one day, or one's entire life,
One's destiny is more than
It's all 'bout learning,
And Foremost.

'Tis all about lessons taught
By teachers unknown
And only learnt if it is indeed
One's true aim:
'No pain, no gain.'

'For some, life may be like a game
A game whose rules they can't grok,
Once they get enmeshed in the whirpool
Of the roulette'.

'Let them get what their desires
Set them up to.
All your choices will amount to
Your chosen path, only.

'It is direfully impossible
To take the lead of your life and that of others'
'And, on that account,
Such a bestial influence would deflect
The greatest cornerstone of all:

Not unlike the stars
Life will shine on the
Darkest and most exiled parts
Life will glow, time will flow,
And sowing will take place,
In Earth, Water or Space,

You give the walk your pace,
'Tis you who brings forth upon yourself
Either happiness or disgrace
Mistrust or solace
It is time to wake up,
Lest the light depart.

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