terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008

Inside Out

I'm within the dark chamber
Red and glowing secret amber
Kills the conscience
Keeps the danger

I'm inside myself now
Ciao. Goodbye my pal
To all of you I must kowtow.

I bow my head low
Painfully and slow
My story I'll show.

My mom said in childhood
"You will reap what you sow
When you're ready you'll go"
But in boyhood I didn't know

Sorrow, angst and paine
Will I always be the same?
Father, can Thou hear'st my name?
I'm a man no one can tame,
But a human, too, feels guilt
And shame...

Mother, do you know where I am?
You did ever whisper, You can, You can
But m'am, how could you say so?
Why yes, instead of no or never?
Why did you all think I was clever?

No, never.

Through labor and work
I found something in me.
Oh, I did.
No saviour, no salvation
Many things I had to see,
Oh, El Cid!

Where are you knight?
In where today willst thou fight?
You who bravely fought
You who furiously sought
I who only watched
I didn't lift a finger.
I who deathly laid and linger'd.

Oh, starry sky
Brilliant, opalescent night
I'll pray one day
I might
Become that glorious

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