quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

Coming to Terms

Once I believed in love
It was truthful and all-embracing
It was joyful and ever blissful
Everything that ever mattered

Two souls fusing into one
Synchronicity plus simplicity
It was a matter of fact
That two persons should bond
And deep down care for one another

This way I was plunged
Into the depths of hell
My own hell
My own self

I was cast adrift
In the midst of the relentless sea
My eyes were shut
Light made me blind

The unbearable pain
Made me refuse to hold
For once
My entire life bare naked

For all I believed
It couldn't be real
No way could I turn so empty
From one day to another

It was a pang bang
Murdering my soul


But now I know it better
All my tears had their reason
Today is a brand new day
It's wholefully mine

Come rain or shine

Bein' in love is cool
But when it ends
You play the fool
... and you never knew
Where you stood

You stood on the razor's edge -
That sudden slip cut you in two...
Pretty hard to tell
Who's who

The one part you love
The one part you hate
On and on goes the debate
Without knowing who you really are

Long forlorn the kind embraces
The first loving kiss
The unforgettable bliss

It is past
Though it'll last
But you've got your own story
Now to tell
The days you lived
Your very particular hell


Boy, what an empty shell.

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Fernando, I can really appreciate this poem at this point in my life. I almost suffered a bad breakup recently. I really like the visual impact of some of these words. I'm glad that you could find my photograph useful and thank you for the link!


Renee aka sweetiegirlz

Fernando J. Pimenta disse...

Wow, I deeply appreciate your visit and your comment, Renee!

So, our gladness is shared now. Thank you! Be always welcome - though there is the linguistic barrier in the great majority of my posts, which are in Portuguese.

Well, how coincidental your almost breakup happening more or less the same period as of the writing of this poem, and my invitation sent to you (to read it).

Life has its wonderful ways, indeed. My heartful thanks.